Milos΄ Beaches

Inside the Gulf

Inside the Gulf


The largest beach of the island with white sand and deep blue, shallow waters. It is named after a small, full of clams pond that exists in the area


Passing by the beaches of Fatourena and Rivari you will find a picturesque bay, that used to be the old commercial port of Milos, and a beach, with a traditional tavern.


This is the most picturesque village of the island. It is waiting for you for walks by the sea and photos with the sunset in the background.

Western Beaches

St. Ioannis Αγ. Ιωάννης

The beach got its name from the monastery of St. John the Siderian. White-gold sand that is divided into three parts connected by paths. The first is accessible by car, while in the other two you have to walk and go down the rocks.


Quite an inaccessible beach, which will reward the effort thanks to its shallow blue waters, its sheltered bay and its long sandy beach.


Beautiful beach with rich blonde sand, next to Triades.


Three sandy secluded beaches with deep blue shallow waters, placed one after the other. The landscape is bucolic with blonde sand enclosed between rocks.

Western Beaches

Eastern Beaches

Eastern Beaches

Sulfur Mines (Theiorychia)

In the small bay Paliorema you can enjoy your swim on a beach with yellow pebbles and crystal clear waters. In the meantime, your mind will travel through time, thanks to the ruins of the old sulfur mine’s facilities that operated until 1956. The beach is one of the geological attractions of the island and you can observe wagons on their rails, old rusty tools and unused spare parts in the material warehouse, while enjoying the wild, mysterious landscape.

Southern Beaches

St. Kyriaki

Its cool waters, colorful pebbles and its extensive thick sandy beach will amaze you.

St, Sostis

It is a small sandy beach with shallow waters. It owes its name to the homonymous church located a little above.


The farthest southern beach, which is accessible by car. Access is relatively difficult due to the dirt road and the 10 minute walk you have to do to get to the beach, which will definitely reward you. Gerontas is a beautiful cove embraced by white imposing rocks and caves, dark sand and turquoise waters. You will be impressed by the bridge shaped rock that connects the sea with the land, as well as its clear waters.


Ideal beach for families as it has abundant golden red sand (thanks to iron oxides) and very shallow waters, suitable for children to play.


Beach embraced by huge rocks, with white sand and emerald waters. Access to this truly exotic beach is via a relatively easy dirt road. But to enjoy its beauty you have to go down the hill through a trail of steep path that is covered with sand.


Extensive beach with imposing volcanic rocks, white-gray fine sand and white pebbles.

Southern Beaches

Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches

St. Konstantinos

Beautiful and quiet sandy beach in a picturesque harbor surrounded by rocks. Agios Konstantinos, which takes its name from the homonymous church, is a beach with turquoise waters, closed like a lake, with sand and several boat houses.


A strip of sand, closed with high cliffs, which is not visible from the road. There is sloping rocky ground and shallow green-blue waters.


Papafragas Cave is a deep sea cave, where you can swim in turquoise waters between gray and white rocks that lead to the open sea. The beach is small, surrounded by the bright light rocks. To get there you have to go down a steep carving on the rock.


Spacious beach overlooking the Glaronissia, with rich sand and some tamarisk trees, Pachaina will fascinate you thanks to its blue waters and the rocks that emerge through them.


The most famous beach of the island, thanks to the unique lunar landscape. All-white volcanic rock formations with excellent deep blue waters. There is also a small natural harbor, closed between the rocks, with sandy beach and green-blue waters. The landscape is stunning, with continuous alternations of volcanic material and abundant fossils.


Seaside settlement with a small but organized beach, suitable for swimming and fishing.


The traditional settlement of Mytakas has a beautiful beach between narrow capes and picturesque fishing villages. The beach is sandy with very clear waters.